2018 KW Triathlon Club Membership


The only prerequisites to becoming a KW Triathlon Club member is that you are a Triathlon Ontario member and you pay the Club membership fee. Each KW Tri Member is eligible for $10 savings for a Triathlon Ontario membership. Upon signing up for our club, we will send you an email with a coupon code.   

Step One - KW Triathlon Club Membership  - $100  


Membership is valid from May to September 2018 and includes all weekly sessions and communications.


Payment can be received by cash, cheque, PayPal, credit card or e-transfer. 







Step Two- Triathlon Ontario Membership

Please note you need to be a member of Triathlon Ontario to participate in the club and race in triathlons. You will receive a discount code following the purchase of your KW Triathlon Club membership. If you wish to proceed without a discount, you can access the page here. 


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